Supporting Cursillo


Please consider a donation to Cursillo Niagara and Huron.

Cursillo Niagara and Huron is a non-subsidized organization relying entirely on donations and pledges from individuals. It does not receive any Diocesan or Corporate financial support.

Cursillo Niagara and Huron has a Sponsorship Fund. This Fund subsidizes the cost of a Three-Day Weekend for all participants. Team members working on a Weekend, are required to pay the full cost themselves.

Other expenses incurred by Cursillo Niagara and Huron include advertising, brochures, publication of the newsletter, annual National Cursillo apportionment, travel expenses for our delegates to attend National Cursillo meetings, and operating costs.

There are various ways to financially support the organization.

  1. Pre-Authorized Payment: this is the most beneficial method for both the organization and the donor. A PAP is automatic and once in place requires no further action. Cursillo Niagara receives your stipulated donation regularly. At the end of the year, PAP donors receive a tax receipt for their yearly donations. As an example, $20 a month equals $240 a year which, at current costs, pays for one participant to attend a Cursillo Weekend. Here is the Link to the PAP form for your convenience. Just fill out and mail to the Treasurer, address below.
  2. J.O.G. (Joy of Giving) Envelopes: These are available at Regional and Diocesan Ultreyas, and should be given to or mailed to the treasurer in the pre-addressed envelope.
  3. Toonie or Loonie Film Cans: These small cans hold 50 toonies or loonies and are an excellent way of donating a part of your small change! Also available at Ultreyas.
  4. Spontaneous, periodic donations: Any donation is gratefully received.

Whichever method you use, an annual income tax receipt is issued by the Diocese of Niagara.

If making a donation by cheque, please make it payable to Niagara Anglican Cursillo.

Please ensure that a complete return mailing address accompanies your donation.

Thank you for your support. Donations can be mailed to the address below or brought to any Ultreya.

Renee Anderson

25 Burdock Blvd.

Brantford , ON.

N3R 6B5
Treasurer, Cursillo Niagara and Huron