Cursillo Niagara and Huron Secretariat

Secretariat is the name given to the local or diocesan body which has the general responsibility for the life and the direction of the Cursillo Program, under the authority of the Bishop of the Diocese. The Secretariat consists of a group of leaders, lay and clergy.

Secretariat is an instrument and concrete part of the diocesan pastoral plan.

Secretariat’s purpose is not power, but empowerment.


The current Secretariat in the Diocese of Niagara and Huron is made up of the following:

  • Lay Director appointed by the Bishop on recommendation from Secretariat.
  • Spiritual Director appointed by the Bishop
  • 10 – 12 Members elected by the Wider Community. These members fulfill various functions on committee’s as follows:

Chairpersons of:

  • Weekend Committee
  • Pre-Cursillo Committee
  • Post-Cursillo Committee
  • Music Committee
  • Continuing Education Committee
  • Communications Committee
    These Committees involve the Wider Community, provide accountability, and train and equip new leaders.

  • Members-At-Large ~ elected and often serve on a committee.
  • One Clergy-At-Large ~ elected position vacant at this point
  • Huron Liaison ~ elected. Huron Diocese does not have a functioning Cursillo Movement at this time. Niagara, therefore, partners with Cursillistas in Huron, and includes Huron in its overall organization.
  • Treasurer ~ appointed
  • Secretary ~ appointed


Terms of Office are for two years with a limit of two consecutive terms.


Responsibilities of Secretariat, as laid out by the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat, are as follows:

  • Promote the Program, and establish policies and procedures to ensure an active Fourth Day program.
  • Support and implement Cursillo’s role in the Bishop’s pastoral plan
  • Identify and develop future leaders within the Wider Community
  • Annual evaluate the authenticity of the Program and develop a plan of action
  • Maintain ties with the Canadian Anglican Cursillo Secretariat and ensure financial support for CACS from the Diocesan Movement.
  • Meet on a regular basis.